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    Palombaggia beach - pictures

    It was at our june holidays in Corsica. Early in the morning we went to the beach Palombaggia. We parked our car on the park place close the road to the village. Panoramic view from the road to the coast with tall pines was unique. On the narrow path that we went through the underbrush toward the beach. It was almost empty, only a small group of horses and riders was enjoyable walk along the beach. A long broad white sandy beach with crystal clear water. We found a comfortable place for sunbathing near the renta a boat shop.

    Palombaggia beach CorsicaWhere is Palombaggia beach

    The Palombaggia beach - Corsica is situated south of Corsica and belongs to the Domaine de Porto Vecchio. Holidays to Porto-Vecchio present the tourist an mix up of idyllic beaches and breathtaking mountain surroundings. So if you are trekker and enjoy holidays on the sea this right location for your vacations. The best period of the year to visit Palombaggia and other beaches of Porto-Vecchio are months of May, June or September, when there is a lot of sunshine yet not as many tourists as in July and August.
    For those visitors who are ready to venture inland, the nearby rocky Alta Rocca district provides an countless supply of things to do and see with its gorges, rivers and waterfalls. The Ospedale Forest and Lake are wonderful places for hiking or walking in the middle of the pines and granite boulders. Col de Bavella offers an excellent hiking or climbing origin, and affords some of the finest views of the towering, jagged stone Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles).

    June holidays on Palombaggia beach

    Yes this is Palombaggia beach. The Palumbaghja (in corsican language) area is one of the most famed spot of Corsica island for its beauty and for the variedness of landscape and colors it offers. It was considered by the Sunday Times as one Europe's Top 20 beaches. The 10 km long sandy beach, winds along the southern Coast Corsica along. For the sight, the red one is here amidst rocks, fine-grained white sand with bright blue water, and lots of tourists in high season.

    Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach riding on the beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach romanitc scene Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach Pines trees of Palombaggia beach Mornig on Palombaggia beach ines trees of Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach granite stones Palombaggia beach Palombaggia beach - on the granite stones

    W e all enjoyed swiming and snorkeling and have seen different kinds of fishes. I enjoyed swimming, a terrific water temperature, very refreshing. Because of sandy beach and shalow sea Palombaggia is ideal for children and for not swimmer. Near the coast lies a small island of granite boulders. We rented a kayak in the nearby boathouse and set off to explore. Since we had plenty of time we also extended trips to the neighboring beach, which was due to the sea of color in this morning even more attractive as Palombaggia. From here to the beach Santa Giulia is a little more paddling, so we postponed exploring to the next adventure holiday. However, exploring the coast from the boat was a real pleasure.

    Palomaggia beach and pines treesAccommodation close the Palombaggia beach


    The majority of the accommodations in Porto-Vecchio are located in the Old Town, with a number of more luxurious options downhill by the marina. There is also plenty of accommodation outside of Porto-Vecchio, all along the nearby coastal locations. At 12 kilometers in the South of Porto-Vecchio, Palombaggia's splendor spot consists of six magnificent seashores of superior sand, separated by red cliffs, at the feet of dunes shaded by hundred years old pines. Hotel Palombaggia is located 700m. away from Palombaggia's seaside which spreads its long ribbon of fine white sand in front of the natural reserve of Cerbicales Islands