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  • Alghero
  • Alghero - what to do in Alghero
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  • Mugoni beach and Porto Conte bay
  • Porto Ferro beach
  • Cape Caccia lighthouse
  • Castelsardo
  • Castelsardo pictures
  • Stintino La Pelosa beach
  • Stintino Le Saline beach
  • Costa Paradiso village
  • Oristano
  • Sinis peninsula
  • Costa Verde beach
  • Costa Verde and surrounding
  • Pan Di Zucchero islet
  • Bosa - charming town on west coast
  • Costa del Sud
  • Cagliari old town
  • Cagliari - Poetto beach
  • Villasimius and Capo Carbonara
  • Solanas beach near Villasimius
  • Costa Rei 8 km long beach
  • Cala Gonone hotels
  • Golfo di Orosei - Orosei Gulf
  • Orgosolo Murales
  • Laconi - castle and park of Aymerich
  • Marina di Gairo - colored beaches
  • San Teodoro Costa Smeralda
  • Capo d' Orso Rock of Bear
  • Capo Testa
  • Porto Cervo - Luxury
  • Losa Nuraghe Abbasanta
  • Fordongianus - spa therme
  • Barumini Su Nuraxi
  • Picture from hiking in Genargentu mountain Sardinia by drago.a



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    Asinara is a small island of irregular shape located along the northwestern coast of Sardinia - Italy

    Asinara is a small island of irregular shape located along the northwestern coast of Sardinia - Italy

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Sardinia, Costa del Sud - Sardinia, Along Costa del Sud , In the town of Ingurtosu, , The coast of Costa Verde Sardinia - even in high season, The coast of Costa Verde - Sardinia ranging from very fine and golden sand beaches, Costa Verde - Sardinia is surrounded by greenery, The Green Coast region (Costa Verde Sardinia), offers you beautiful horse riding excursions - Italy, Sardinians love their, which through courage, toughness, and intelligence excel in the equestrian world., The Dunes of Piscinas, abandoned mines in Costa Verde - Sardinia, Piscinas - Costa Verde is considered the greatest desert of Europe - Sardinia, The coast of Piscinas is very long, and it is formed by nearly 3 kilometers of a deep, fine, golden beach, Close the Dunes of Piscinas in Costa Verde is easy parking, there is also a beach hut cafÚ and toilet facilities to cater for all your needs - Sardinia, The soft sands and turquoise waters make Scivu beach in Costa Verde perfect place for families, Tirso river flows through Fordongianus and head to western Sardinia's inland, Fordongianus - Roman's Baths are found on the banks of the river Tirso, The thermal waters of Fordongianus - in the Roman culture baths were the centre of the life, The thermal waters of Fordongianus - Sardinia naturally spring from the ground at a temperature of 56░C, All the houses in the centre of Fordongianus - Sardinia are built of pink and grey stone, The village of Costa Paradiso village - Sardinia, Laconi park - Sardinia is the botanists' paradise, The historic centre of Laconi town features romantic park - Sardinia, The town park of Aymerich in Laconi is located around the remains of the castle Aymerich - Sardinia, The second part of Laconi park -Sardinia is a relaxing area, Laconi Sardinia has really nice park with a ruined 15th century castle, Laconi castle - the ruins of the castle of Laconi immersed in a picturesque vegetation of park - Sardinia, Laconi - Sardinia is a beautiful historic town at the foot of the Barbagia mountains, Laconi park - Sardinia extends on a surface of about 22 hectares, The town of Laconi - Sardinia is distinguished for the presence of strong attractions such as the Aymerich park, Road map to Lanusei and Barumini Sardinia, - Italy, Tourist's map of Orosei Gulf and its beaches and sights - Sardinia Italy, Sardinia is an Island in Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the Italy state - Italy, Europe, Map of beaches close Villasimius and Capo Carbonara - Sardinia Italy, Marina di Gairo - Sardinia is a village characterized by beautiful beaches and coves, Marina di Gairo beach - Sardinia is also suitable for family holidays with children, Marina di Gairo belongs to the southern part of beaches in Ogliastra - Sardinia, La Spiaggetta pebbly beach - Marina di Gairo, Marina di Gairo a pebbly beach is great for those who get irritated by sand sticking, Red cliffs of Marina di Gairo hide a sunbathers from inquisitive eyes, Next to Marina di Gairo white beach of Su Sirboni, (wild boar) is enclosed by two cliffs of red rocks, Along the coast of marina di Gairo there's a succession of sandy inlets - Sardinia, To reach the Cala Francese, within which lies the beach of Su Sirboni, folow the road from Barisardo to Marina di Gairo, Marina di Gairo is a small town around 15 km south of Tortoli, Road map to Nuoro, the capital city of the eponymous province, is located in the heart of Sardinia, occupying the middle of the island - Italy, Sardinia is a land dotted with thousands of Nuraghi - round fortresses built in pre historic times - Italy, Nuraghe Losa 3,400-year-old fortress - Sardinia, Visit Nurghe Losa - Sardinia, The Nuraghe Losa was initially made of just one main tower. - Sardinia, The intelligent lighting of Nuraghe Losa makes a visit to this nuraghe fascinating - Sardinia, From about 1500 BC onwards, villages were built around the round tower-fortresses called nuraghi - Sardinia, Where is Nuraghe Losa and Abbasanta on map of Sardinia, The mural painting in village of Orgosolo Sardinia began in the 1970s, The village of Orgosolo Sardinia is known from its past as a centre for vendettas, Many of the murals in Orgosolo village - Sardinia are on themes of social injustice and protest, Orgosolo village - Sardinia is famous for its murales, Orgosolo village - Sardinia is a mountauin village in eastern Sardinia,, Where is Orgosolo Sardinia on map, Sinis peninsula in Oristano gulf has many attraction for us, Road map to Oristano Sardinia, Area of Oristano has four main sub regions: the main town, Cabras, the Sinis Peninsula and the area of Arborea- Italy, The beach of Torregrande gently descends in a shallow waters, Torregrande beach is one of the nearest bech of Oristano, The Tower of Oristano called st. Christophoros, otherwise known as Tower of Mariano II, Oristano is the biggest town in these part of Sardinia, Arbatax is the largest hamlet of Tortoli on the eastern coast of Sardinia, A day trip to the Orosei Gulf with Cala Gonone is suitable for all those who appreciate natural beauty, and swimming in wild beaches - Sardinia, The easiest way to reach Orosei Gulf is by sea, you can enjoy the attractive views of the cliffs, the white limestone and the beautiful colours of the sea - Sardinia, Cala Goloritze is also known for its arch, which you might enjoy swimming to, and for its 127 metre high needle rock - Orosei Gulf Sardinia, A comfortable boat trip, will take you to one of the most charming bays in the whole island - Cala Goloritze Orosei Gulf Sardinia, The beach of Cala Luna is the most famous of the beaches in Orosei Gulf its name derives from its crescent moon shape with incredible turquoise water, pure and transparent - Sardinia, The shallowness of the water in the Cala Mariolu let children play on the shore without dangers - Orosei Gulf Sardinia, Cala Mariolu is an ideal place for scuba diving - Orosei Gulf Sardinia, One of the wild beaches of Orosei Gulf is Cala Mariolu, It is characterized by a crystal clear water and by a sea floor with pink pebbles - Sardinia, Most of beaches of Orosei Gulf are reachable only by sea - Sardinia, White, sandy beach of Cala Sisine divides the turquoise sea from the greenery of the Mediterranean maquis which covers the hills of Baunei area - Sardinia, The Gulf of Orosei is one of the wildest coasts of Sardinia, purple limestone cliffs rise up from the sea like thousand-foot-high walls - Sardinia, A day trip by boath along 20 miles of beaches and caves backed by steep cliffs and a nature reserve which make land impossible access - Sardinia, Orosei Gulf is perhaps the most spectacular gulf on the whole Sardinia, framed by towering cliffs, indented with coves, clear, emerald green waters lap long and sandy beaches - Sardinia, The Funtanamare beach is around 3 km long beach, positioned close the town of Gonnesa on the south of Sardinia, Pan di Zucchero island is a limestone cliff, 133 m high, Sardinia, On the south end of Nebida Sardinia, a path rounding a cliff face gives access to a belvedere offering a breathtaking view, Pan di Zucchero and Masua is a place with such a beauty that it seems like surreal - Sardinia, Belvedere di Nebida is a few hundred metres walk along a rocky cliff - Sardinia, Nebida wild coastal scenery Sardinia, In front of sandy beach of Masua stands isle Pan di Zucchero Sardinia, Porto Cervo was created in the '60s by Prince Karim Aga Khan, Porto Cervo is a small town and life there is designed to be relaxed, Porto Cervo - Costa Smeralda is today the symbol of luxury tourism, The fašade of the Porto Cervo houses are in a typically Mediterranean style, The famous Piazzetta and the small streets of Porto Cervo that wind through the centre of the town are full of boutiques, Porto Cervo could be a holiday home and starting point for visitors' exploration, Interesting statue on the grass in the centre of Porto Cervo, Statue in the centre of the Porto Cervo town - Sardinia, The architecture of Porto Cervo reflects the typical structures of Gallura, You will marvel at real estate prices in Porto Cervo - sardinia, Luxury and modern villas of Porto Cervo Sardinia, A nice way to enjoy the dawn is walking along the centre of small holidays town of Porto Cervo, Porto Cervo is a home of the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, Porto Conte bay and Natural Reserve - Sardinia, Surrounded by a pine forest, Mugoni beach is with its natural surroundings and clear water worth to visit - Sardinia, Mugoni beach is a long and sandy beach with a crystal clear water, Mugoni beach and Porto Conte Bay is located around 15 kilometers from Alghero, Proceeding our discovering of west Sardinia, Dunes at Porto Ferro beach are high up to 20 m - Sardinia, Dunes at Porto Ferro are fragile ecosystem and subject to strong erosion - Sardinia, The beach of Porto Ferro stretches for around 2 km - Sardinia, The crescent shaped bay of Porto Ferro, Lovely beach resorts along coast of San Teodoro - Sardinia, Italy, Brandichi is a wonderful beach, characterized by a very fine sand, clear depth, and colours that go from a light to an intense blue - Sardinia, Italy, Sunbathing on the coast of San Teodoro - Brandichi beach - Sardinia, Italy, Holidays on Coda Cavallo beach, Sardinia, Italy, The summit of Monte Coda Cavallo offers you view to the lovely coast and beaches - Sardinia, Italy, Shalownes of the Brandichi beach is a pleasant place for family holidays - of San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy, Pleasant hotel resorts around coast of San Teodoro - Sardinia, Italy, Brandichi beach with Tavolara island in a background - Sardinia, Italy, Where is Brandinchi beach: it is located along the Olbia - San Teodoro road, between Punta Sabbatino and Capo Codacavallo - Sardinia, Italy, Where is San Teodoro and its beaches on map of Sardinia, Italy, Sardinia is a marvellous place for holidays, it has a crystal-clear sea, a unique coastline and largely avoided of mass tourism - Sardinia, Sardinia have three main airports - Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia with charter flights arriving from Europe, the national airlines Meridiana, Air One, Ryanair and other serve the island of Sardinia, Mugoni is an ideal bay to spend a holiday, It is characterised by white sand and emerald green water, which is particularly calm and warm, thanks to its sheltered position from the winds - Sardinia, Road map of Sassari Sardinia where are some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Italy, Beach of Aruttas with beautiful quartz sand - Sinis Sardinia, Italy, Solanas - Sardinia offers a stretch of sand beaches, Solanas - Sardinia is a charming and rusticly-typical Sardinian village with a long sandy beach, Solanas - Sardinia is a shallow beach, very safe, Solanas lies about 12 km from Villasimius and about 50 km from Cagliari, Taste fresh local fruits in Solanas - Sardinia, Solanas - Sardinia is a favourite destination for numerous tourists, On your holidays in Solanas take a visit of local restaurant - Sardinia, Road to Punta La Marmora which is Sardinia's (Sardegna's) highpoint and belongs to the Gennargentu Mountain Range - Italy, Tortoli Sardinia situated in the heart of the Ogliastra is one of the main cities of its province, Appartments and villas of Tortoli Sardinia set in a tranquil plot, Appartments and villas of Tortoli Sardinia can offer the best view of the tranquil beaches, Tourist's map with roads and sights of the territory of Sardinia , Italy, Some of Sardinia's most sensational beaches are to be found in the vicinity of the Villasimius village - Italy, Villasimius is a small town which blooms in summer and is really appreciated by tourists - Sardinia Italy, Sunbathing on beaches of Villasimius - Sardinia Italy, Tower above Villasimius bay - Sardinia Italy, Where is Costa Paradiso - Sardinia, Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Italy. - Italy, Beaches of Alghero - Sardinia, Alghero holidays - beaches in Sardinia, Alghero old town - Sardinia, Alghero harbor - Sardinia, Alghero lively town - Sardinia, Alghero - explore town of Sardinia by bike, Alghero - walking through the streets of the old town - Sardinia, Alghero strolling through the streets - Sardinia, Alghero old town square - Sardinia, Alghero citywall of the old town - Sardinia, Alghero - road with flowering oleanders - Sardinia, Alghero funny bar with fresh lemon and orange juice - Sardinia, Alghero clear water of the sea in the town beach - Sardinia, Alghero warm and clear sea shallow - Sardinia, Alghero beaches on the map - Sardinia, Porticciollo camp - Alghero - Sardinia, Alghero - Lazzaretto beach - Sardinia, Alghero - sunbathing on Lazzareto beach - Sardinia, Capo Caccia - Sardinia Alghero, Alghero coast, sea and beaches - Sardinia, Alghero camping - Sardinia, Alghero stone sculpture in the town - Sardinia, Castelsardo - view from the castle wall - Sardinia, Castelsardo cathedral of Saint Anthony - Sardinia, Castelsardo harbor and the town wall - Sardinia, Castelsardo hotels and restaurants - Sardinia, Castelsardo Italy Sardinia, Castelsardo museum in castle - Sardinia, Castelsardo walking through the narrow streets - Sardinia, Castelsardo old town streets - Sardinia, Castelsardo paved streets - Sardinia, Castelsardo port - Sardinia, Castelsardo - restaurant with bell view to the sea - Sardinia, Castelsardo restaurants and bars - Sardinia, Holidays in Castelsardo, Sardinia - Pictures, Castelsardo shops and souvenirs - Sardinia, Castelsardo town - Sardegna, Holidays in Costa paradiso village - TrinitÓ d'Agultu Sardinia, Beaches of Costa paradiso village - TrinitÓ d'Agultu Sardinia, Holidays in hotels of Costa paradiso village - TrinitÓ d'Agultu Sardinia, What to do on Holidays in Costa paradiso village - TrinitÓ d'Agultu Sardinia, Where is Costa Paradiso village - Sardinia, Holidays in apartments of Costa paradiso village - TrinitÓ d'Agultu Sardinia, Nature of Costa paradiso village - Sardinia, Holidays Villasimius resort - Sardinia, Villasimius camping - Sardinia, Capo Carbonara - Sardinia, Capo Carbonara lighthouse Sardinia, capo carbonara sea park - Sardinia, Villasimius beaches - Capo Carbonara - Sardinia, Capo Carbonara windsurfing - Sardinia, Solanas beach close the village of Villasimius apartments - Sardinia, Villasimius Sardinia - What to do, Villasimius holidays - Sardinia, Villasimius hotels - Sardinia, Villasimius Weather and climate - Sardinia,